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Maestrokatastrof presents a new project: do not give up on your favorite pieces only because you dropped them on the ground!


The brand maestro came into existence through a fusion of ceramics, porcelain and illustrations. It was born out of a love for and fascination by old or antique, delicate porcelain and everyday ceramics, which very often have no décor. It was also born out of a love of history, a keenness on comic books, stories, the mother tongue and artistic license.

We never wanted to make new pieces. There are enough beautiful things in the world as it is, and (as it turns out) working with existing pieces is fun, and a challenge as well.

Since 2009, custom-made pieces for weddings, birthdays, funerals or just for fun have been produced under the brand maestro. Solitaires, as well as full series of personalized dishes.


The next step – logical for us – is not only to discover unwanted pieces set aside by people and send them further on into the world, but it is mainly to offer those who, for some reason, value and cherish their favorite piece the chance to use it even after it was damaged or worn out.

That is why, working with the jewelry maker Adéla Fejtková, we created the platform:

Live Longer

Your grandmother’s cup, a teapot from the wedding set, a glass from Budapest, a plate from China, a pitcher left at your weekend house by its original owners, a sugar bowl that you got from your girlfriend. All these items age with you and they provide evidence for your life. They survived the many moves, being imported from abroad, being handled by other people and being washed in your new dishwasher. And when they break, or a handle falls off, or if the lid breaks – you cannot simply throw them away!

We offer repairs, individual and careful replacement of the missing part so that your item would still be fully functional, and so that maybe it would attain value exactly through what happened to it and how it was treated. We use techniques such as tinkering, metal assembly and materials such as silver, noble metals with the possibility of a surface finish etc.

And then there are items without any historical or personal heritage that you feel sorry to throw into the trash can but that you simply do not want any more. We give them a more standard repair and sell them forward so that somebody else might enjoy them.

We will start with porcelain, china and glass. We are offering you the possibility of repairs that will be carried out in cooperation with selected craftsmen (jewelry makers, tinkers, basket weavers, craft smiths) and under the supervision of a restoration specialist – and they are no ordinary repairs!

If you have some items you love, or items that are in need of a repair, do not hesitate to contact us.


MgA. Silvie Luběnová,

Art repairs:

MgA. Adéla Fejtková,

Adéla Fejtková started dealing with repairs in her project called Nothing Is More (Nic je víc in Czech), which formed part of her diploma work at the K.O.V. studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. Thanks to teaming up with the maestrokatastrof brand, this project will no longer sit collecting dust on academic soil, but it will actually get a chance to help and extend the “expiration date” of your favorite items. Items that often accompany you all day long and that co-create your identity and memory.

The author works with the specific technique of galvanic metalizing, which allows her to join shards into a new whole, to replace missing parts and fill out blanks. She also employs the technique of silver assembly, which not only extends the life of your favorite items, but also elevates them to the level of true “family silver”.

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